Monday, December 18, 2017

Spotless episode 7 - Say What You See

The episode starts with a tense Bastiere family dinner. Maddy is texting furiously, says it can't be rude as she's not interrupting anything, no-one has anything to say to anyone. Martin finished last episode being badly beaten - Julie stalks off - when did this become normal, Martin being badly beaten. She asks Jean, asks "You wouldn’t lie to me, would you?” knowing full well her husband is. Despite the last episode, Maddy is still asking Martin for help - how do you get someone to like you? Him: "Become irresistible by being unavailable". Her "He looks right through me." Him: "Life hurts." Later, Maddy is educating Martin on what it is like to be a teen - they all judge my rack. His advice - "don’t be a sheep, be a knockout"

Julie really wants Maureen (Jean’s right-hand-woman) to spill the beans - she tells her of the second book, for clients who can’t go through normal channels. Jean has a double murder to clean up - turf war, send a message killing - Nelson has killed Veysal (the Turkish gang man Martin has been dealing with) and his wife to show who is boss. Jean looks permanently troubled, as well he might. The remnants of Veysal's gang find him and pull a gun on him. They want Martin to make good on promises he made about Nelson. They know better than to start a feud but want Jean to spy on Nelson, so they can go after him “you work for me now”.

Jean gets home and who is waiting? Nelson “I thought we were exclusive”. At least he understands it was Martin’s doing but says if you (Jean) even have a craving for a shish kebab “I will end you”. Then Jean confronts Martin who, of course, was “just trying to help”. Jean: “I have two phones, two bosses, no way out” but I have that film of Nelson, might be a way out. Please don’t tell Martin where it is, he's a weak link. Martin actually has what turns out to be good advice - don’t trust a cop, just go. Jean meets with DCI Squire. She cautions him, says trust no-one, get a lawyer. Jean tells lots to Squire, says "He watches me" she says "We watch him" as if that is supposed to make him feel safe. Jean then takes a break, goes outside, which worries me about his safety, but he has to break up with Claire - she says her mum is dying.

Meanwhile, Martin is back with the helping, goes looking for Nelson and finds Sunny instead, says Nelson has to back off. Back at the station, Nelson comes into the interview room - obviously DCI Squire was not to be trusted “corrupt doesn’t come into it”. Despite his disclosures, she suspects he has more, wants to know what else he has, why he saw Kendricks’ widow. Jean to Nelson: “You’re not a philosopher, just a thug, that read a book once”. Visiting with Kendrick's widow, she mentions Fallowfield, the place in the country which neither Nelson nor Squire knew about.

Back at Nelson’s, Martin tells Sunny “I came here to invite your husband to kill me, in place of my brother”. They get into the medical marijuana, have a good chat. Sunny: "He’ll be home soon, you should leave but I could stay in town!" Digging Jean in even more deeply! At Fallowfield, Squire suggests Jean just go along with Nelson, have a good life.
Then things get rough - Squire just stands by while Nelson threatens to kill, does eventually walk away. Does she work it out? Yes, and Nelson’s goon has to go into the pond to find the film - there goes any leverage Jean might have had. All Squire can say is “that’s quite a selfie”. Don’t shoot him in front of me - there have to be boundaries. Then she gets worried about her own reputation - they left the station together, so if Jean turns up dead, she could be implicated.

Back home, the suspicion I had is confirmed - Martin is the bloke Maddy had in mind. At least he doesn’t go there. When Sunny calls, he’s off. “This can’t happen again - I don’t do this.” This is Nelson’s place! Will he find anything? An ear ring. Julie is home - luckily so is Jean. Ends with Jean back at the scene of Veysal's murder - cop says "they fucked the corpse of the wife". This looks like Victor's work.


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