Thursday, November 23, 2017

800 Words S3E3

They seemed to go full-farce in this episode. Woody can't marry Tracey because he is already married, but doesn't dare tell her. George is worried about the kumera network (grape vine): it will be awful if Tracey finds out but Woody is determined to find his wife (Mary Kelly), get a divorce and leave Tracey in the dark. Of course, by the end of the episode, half the town is in on it. George uses the phone book and finds all the Mary Kelly's he can, leaving Woody to make the calls (he's very chatty in doing so). They are hiding out in someone's bach: Smiler notices and comes in, uses geneology as his method to track her down. Constable Tom sees the vehicles lined up outside a place that should be empty, asks about their "command centre" and offers to help using official channels: only then does it turn out that Woody hasn't even given his wife's proper name. Good old Constable Tom - what does it matter if civil liberties are infringed in the name of love? Somehow seveal other people are involved by the end.

As for Tracey, she has work problems: no-one to teach the numpties. Katie brings some soup to school for Billy and lands herself in it: because she has taught in a kohanga reo, that makes her qualified to teach High School in Weld.

The other big story line revolved around Shay: she's having trouble dealing with the break up with Ike and why he has gone "full mystical" on her. Lindsay is surprisingly wise, says that Shay has not yet hit bottom - of course, that is a set up for her doing so. Shay loses it in the Super Centre when she sees Zac, goes off to him (and of course, some girls are there to film it and share it with all and sundry) and then hides out in the beer chiller. In another surprise, Siouxsie comes in and comforts her (and later on brings the oh so necessary ice cream). Eventually, Shay goes off and tackles Ike again - all he can say is that voices of his ancestors spoke while he was nearly dead, he has to find his "path" without Shay - it may or may not lead him to her. Instead of saying it is all bullshit, Shay sees he is more confused than she is.

Back to Woody - now that he has finally found Rosemary, he makes the call - she is in the Silverton Hotel (I've visited it, it is near Broken Hill - it has featured in many movies including one of the Mad Max ones and Wake In Fright). She does not seem happy to hear from him or even to divorce him: if he wants to sign the papers, he has to take them to her. In Woody fashion, he tells his mates there is "a bit of a complication". 


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