Thursday, October 26, 2017

800 Words S3E2

The last episode ended with Ike making his way ashore, much to Shay's relief, and with Jan in surgery, with her suitors waiting to find out which is the father of the twins. It is reasonably obviously not Zac - the boys are so white - yet he has his blood taken along with the other two in the hope a blood test will reveal all. George really enjoys his time with the wee boys and is maye revising his attitude that he's not up for any more kids, the thing that split him and Fiona. He kind of puts his foot in it by saying it is these boys that he'd like to bring up, not one with her. Steve is all in, however - even if he's not the dad, he's happy to bring them up and is in love with Jan. She, in the meantime, suggests she has a preferred choice and it looks a bit like George thinks it is him and warms to the idea.

Woody has proposed to Tracey and now there are all sorts of plans to organise an engagement party and speculation about when the wedding will be. Monty has the job of bringing the two of them to the party but he's a bit slow and, when he's told to take them to look at a house, takes them literally. Minor humour and of course he gets them there in the end. There's been several mentions in trailers that Woody has a shocking secret, and it turns out to be the most obvious one of all - he's married - and he reacts strangely: makes a great speech and flees. George to the rescue, to talk him down.

There's a bit of miscommunication between Arlo and Lindsay: he thinks she wants him to have a baby. At least he fronts up and says it is not for him, and everything is cleared up quickly. That's not the case with Shay and Ike: he tells her he heard voices when he was out on the ocean, including that of Tangaroa (God of the Sea) and so they have to break up while he sorts himself out.  


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