Sunday, September 18, 2011


I've just joined Fatso, and already have a queue of movies lined up to watch. Because my membership is just $3 for two months, I feel no need to be particularly discriminating in what I watch, which is how I came to watch Bug - someone on the net said Ashley Judd was beautiful in it and that was enough for me. I didn't even know who Ashley Judd was. Maybe if I'd known that the movie is directed by William Friedken and that he also directed the Exorcist, I would have known better what to expect.

In Bug, she plays a bit of a loser - a waitress in some out of the way place,

living in a run down motel in an even more out of the way place.

Part of her backstory is that she has a child, who was taken from her a few years back, just stolen from a supermarket trolley. She has a husband who has been locked up for violence and has just come out of jail. While he is a jerk and does beat her up a couple of times, he is the least of her problems.
 Her friend introduces her to Peter, he seems nice, he never once hits her, even protects her from her husband - she gives him a place to stay.

The inevitable happens, and the initial part of their story is sweet - he does seem kind and she's in need of someone, too much so, because when he turns out to be more than a little deranged, she buys into it, totally. His story is one of a grand conspiracy, that he has been part of some Army human testing programme which has seen him injected with some form of bug (an aphid) which allows him to be the subject of central control. There's some pretty articulate statements from him as to how it is done and what they are up to - of course, he is probably nuts and there are no bugs: the point is, she believes him, enters his paranoid world where the Army is out to get him. First the motel room is decorated with bug strips, but ultimately it is lined with tinfoil - it stops the bugs communicating.

The movie is more of a psychological thriller than violent, although there are a couple of disturbing scenes, such as when Peter wrenches out his own teeth, or becomes convinced that a Government agent who comes into the room is a machine. I have to say, the fellow playing Peter (Michael Shannon) was pretty convincing.Ashley Judd was even more so, as she goes from a normal sort of person to someone who totally believes her house is infested with bugs deployed on some sort of Governmental secret mission.


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