Monday, June 27, 2005

Off The Rails (II)

I kind of jumped the gun, a few weeks back, when it seemed to me that Marcus had finished his trip. You know how he can mutter - in fact I think his winding up muttering has been the best part of the show. I loved the night when he wandered off, saying that he'd been to a party, where he got talking to some people about trains, trains, trains, bluff, trains, trains, bluff ... It finally dawned on him that he was in a marquee talking to himself!

Wonder why. He must have been in his element shooting last night's show - those two completely obsessive train fellows put him to shame.

So, anyway, this is a second round of thanks for the show, its been great. Nice to see my friend Jordan on the tele and all, even if it was a little hard to grasp what she was saying - something metaphysical about trains, their symbolism and their reality.

Nice too to see my old stamping ground, Northland.

One thing this show has confirmed for me is that I have to make a train trip, and soon, or next thing you know I'll be clicking on that little box on the Toll website to apply for a job as a train driver. Only takes six months of NZQA papers, should be a doddle. But the last time I was on a train was the Prospector, going from Kalgoorlie to Perth last summer.

Apparently there are no trains on Rarotonga. That's a surprise. I'll have to sort something out when I get back, but doubt that I can afford the newly announced Great New Zealand Steam Journeys - they want $5000!


Blogger limegreen said...

They have crazy little sugar-cane carrying trains in Fiji, which look more amusement park sized, but do actually carry sugar cane. I guess Rarotonga is just not big enough.

12:30 PM  

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