Saturday, December 04, 2004


So, Christmas is coming up and all the shops are working out strategems for being first in line for our money. I always find going into Sounds a pretty un-uplifting experience, as I go in with ideas as to what I want, inspired by reading such things as Mojo and Pitchfork and various bits and pieces around the place. But I get into Sounds and its like they're catering to an entirely different sort of music consumer - one who likes both the Sum 41, Good Charlotte and other punk-lite music as well as old school things such as America's "Horse With No Name" (for that is what was playing when I went in) and many "pop" things in between. Sure, I had my time of loving America, but that was in 1981! How is it that hip young record store employees get to know about, let alone like, America? Ah, right, Sounds.

So, I went in, because of the $25 maximum sale, wondering if they'd have the new Fiery Furnaces CD or maybe the re-released Can CD's. Nope. I look around everything they do have and, as a consequence of many years of buying music and of their particular inventory, even when I pick up every CD I know I want, I only have three. I guess it was kind of nice that the sales person, the same one responsible for America being on the sound system, approved of my choices - Pine's Akira Sunrise, Wilco's A Ghost is Born and Lotus's Hybrid Flower. I've only actually heard the Pine one all the way through so far, and it was like their last gig, just got better as it played. And all is not lost on the Can front, as Real Groovy had one of the two that I want as well as the second CD from the Fiery Furnaces, both second hand.

Right now, however, I need the Batrider CD - it was featured on the Music Mix this afternoon and sounds very good.


Blogger Jessie said...

I like the Pine CD, and I liked it much more after I'd seen them play live.

Must stop avoiding Christmas consumer rush. It'd be just like me to leave it all until Christmas Eve :s

8:04 AM  

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